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Paracress Tallow

Paracress Tallow

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Paracress Tallow is a natural alternative to Botox. Spilanthol is the active ingredient in paracress that is a natural muscle relaxer and has been proven to reduce wrinkles.

This tallow was crafted as a face cream to minimize wrinkles, deeply moisturize skin, and provide an array nutrient dense constituents, to heal your skin.


Grass fed & finished premium tallow,

Organic Emu oil,

Organic Camellia oil,

Organic Paracress,

Organic Safron,

Organic Sea Buckthorn,

Organic Squalene oil,

Organic garden herbs: rosemary, thyme & oregano.


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Care Instructions

As an organic product, Elemental Tallow will melt and separate in heat. Use within 3 months of purchase.

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  • From Hazel Jao

    Original order was to keep in my purse and for use on my hands. I really liked the result and quickly moved on to using the cream during my morning routine on my elbows and knees since it applies in a very subtle, non greasy but effective way. I use sandals quite a bit and keeping my feet moisturized and soft requires a conscious effort. I thought I’d try it on my feet and my heels immediately fell in love with this cream. I have used it for a few days and I have to say that I am addicted to this product. Love it.

  • From Tyler

    I had one spot on my chest that is red and itchy, it comes and goes but was a huge annoyance.
    I started using Elemental Tallow and have not had the problem since.
    Thank you!

  • From Stacy

    This cream is my all time favorite! It has evened out my skin tone, and since I started using it, I keep getting compliments on how good my skin looks. Love it!